PULQ is a brilliant masterstroke of logistics and intercultural collaboration. Genuine classic Mezcal from zapotec villages of Oaxaca and German Craft Beer.

An expedition into your deepest secrets

PULQ is a global beverage. It brings German and Mexican culture together. It takes a lot of logistic effort to organize, but as we are young Starters-Up we are honestly ready to take on social and intercultural responsibility and engagement. In the cause of fairness and justice we refuse any ethnocentric prejudice and support appropriate remunderation. This is, of course, a vital necessity to survive.

We are as our business partner liberal –minded cosmopolitains, appreciating tradition and intercultural responsibility.

So is PULQ like all these special people that support the rebirth of forgotten things by practicing their skilled labour.

You may imagine that there is an enormous need of organizing ability to let  timely happen  the meeting of genuine Mexican Mezcal  in German Craft Beer.

But a well succeeding intercultural coalescence makes all this possible.