Espadin is the most famous sort of Oaxaca’s agave family. We use it for “PULQ”.

Espadin is a cultivated agave. Without adding chemicals or further supplements it grows up under Mexico’s burning sun for 8 to 10 years. After that the agave is cut down completely without causing any waste substances. The leaves are used to make textiles or ropes. But its inner core is completely used to produce Mezcal. It looks like a huge pineapple and the Mexicans would call it in Spanish an “ananas”. As it takes such a long time to let the agaves grow up it needs sustainability and serious responsibility for the next generation in order to guaranty the future existence of this plant variety.
After the crop the “piñas” will be split with “machetes”. After that a fire will be lighted with selected woods in a big hole in the ground. At first several stones will be broken into pieces then the agaves will be pushed into the glowing fire. Finally everything will be covered with earth and steamed for three days in order to cause the release of sugar which is necessary to produce the alcohol afterwards. Then the fermentative process will split the agaves again, their raw fibers maybe simply be distinguished and a specific scent of sugar comes into the air.
The agave is ready for fermentation.