That´s PULQ!!!


Shortly said

PULQ is not only a simple kind of beer! PULQ is not only a genuine Mezcal! PULQ is much more than the sum of its single components. PULQ is free of any preservatives and tells us a mysterious addicting story by its unique aroma and taste. PULQ is not flavoured, it’s not a wanna be, it’s no fake, it’s just a promise of delight. An extraordinary experience into the world of high class alcoholic drinks.



Our heritage

Our German Craft beer is traditionally manufactured in a small brewery near by the town of Bamberg/ Bavaria. After a long search we are proud to have found the Göller brewery, Masters of the art of brewing for generations. Tradition, experience and devotion in their work let them be adequate to the task of finding the real measure to bring together German Craft beer and genuine Mexican mezcal.

Travelling extendingly throughout Mexico we fortunately happened to find a Mezcalero who surpassed our exspectation in quality and taste of manufacturing genuine high class mezcal. Javier Mateo and his family live for mezcal. Mezcal is their only purpose of life and even during very difficult times they stuck with growing and cultivating agaves. Because of all this entire endurance and devotion we are very proud that Javier chose us to pass over the message of his divine distillation to everybody who is ready to receive it as an enchanting messenger. PULQ contains 18 % of genuine mezcal. You will taste it easily because of its unique character. It appears clearly and likes to be recognized and accepted willingly. This genuine Mezcal ideally coalesces with Bavarian Craft Beer and creates an outstanding combination of a first class alcoholic beverage.

Warning: There’s so much more hidden deep inside that we wonder whether you’ll be ready for it!

PULQ is a global beverage. It brings German and Mexican culture together. It takes a lot of logistic effort to organize, but as we are young Starters-Up we are honestly ready to take on social and intercultural responsibility and engagement. In the cause of fairness and justice we refuse any ethnocentric prejudice and support appropriate remuneration. This is, of course, a vital necessity to survive. We are as our business partner liberal –minded cosmopolitains, appreciating tradition and intercultural responsibility.
So is PULQ like all these special people that support the rebirth of forgotten things by practicing their skilled labour. You may imagine that there is an enormous need of organizing ability to let timely happen the meeting of genuine Mexican Mezcal in German Craft Beer. But a well succeeding intercultural coalescence makes all this possible.


82% German Craft Beer

18%  Mezcal Los Javis Joven Espadin with 40% Alc.


Malty, Light-smoked, clear agave, earth.


PULQ is unique in its effect.


PULQ has 10,5% Alc and has therefore no expiration date.


Absolute none! PULQ is made out German Craft Beer and Mezcal produced solely from Agave Espadin.